vWallpaper is one of the older tweaks that was developed in the beginning of jailbreaking that allows you to set a video for a wallpaper in iOS. As we all know, Apple only allows you to keep a static image wallpaper and it wasn't introduced until iOS 4. We relied on WinterBoard just to do that. Today, vWallpaper 2 was released that supports iOS 5 and it works perfectly with the new untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1. It works the same way and looks the same way as the previous version of vWallpaper. Be warned that this particular version is still in Beta.
 The videos are either small video files for '.gif' images (images capable of being animated and moving around) and they loop over and over and over and over. Actually, it won't even stop until you kill the video wallpaper option in the vWallpaper settings. Installing vWallpaper 2 puts an icon on your home screen where you can edit the settings for it. It does have a couple of dependencies that you will need to install with it - but they will download automatically when you go to download this 31.3MB application. If you want to download the newest version of vWallpaper 2 (it's free) then you can download it from the following repository source:  
 Name: vWallpaper 2 for iOS5/ARM7
Price: FREE
Developer: skrewVersion: 0.0.8-1Editor's