OTTAWA – The bill of materials for Apple’s new IPhone 5 comes in at an estimated $167.50 for the 16-Gb version, or about $35 higher than a comparable version of the IPhone 4S, according to a preliminary estimate by the tear down specialists at TechInsights.

The preliminary analysis by TechInsights, which is owned by UBM, the publisher of EE Times, is based on initial information about the IPhone 5 that was released by Apple in San Francisco on Wednesday (Sept. 12). The IPhone 5, which is scheduled to go on sale Sept. 21, is expected to sell for about $199 for the 16-Gb version.

TechInsight analysts also based their estimates on previous versions of 16-Gb IPhones, including the known features and cost of components for the IPhone 4 and 4S.

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