GeoHot was published in the official link for downloading LimeRa1n for Mac, the new tool to run the jailbreak iOS 4.1 on all Apple devices. In this article we propose how to run the jailbreak and the subsequent installation of Cydia on the terminal. 

Limera1n Compatible 

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS 
iPhone 4 
Ipod Touche 3G 
Ipod Touche 4G
Ipad *


LimeRa1n For Mac ( link download

Firmware 4.0.xo 4.1

iTunes 10 or later installed on your computer.

Let's see how to proceed with the jailbreak.

 1 - First you will need to download LimeRa1n the official website

    2 - Now we will start the program and click on "Make It Rain".

 3 - The device must then be put manually into DFU. 
4 - Now application will be installed on the device named "LimeRa1n"

5 - open LimeRa1n clicking on the "Cydia" and proceed with the installation of automatic programe

We're done.