Apple should allow, in the coming days a new application that allows playback of Flash content. This is the SkyFire web browser available very soon on the App Store. As the war between Apple and Adobe has raged about this subject and that the final position occupied by each actor is not suitable for end users, this would seem to have benefited from a new player, to the delight of owners of an equipment of the Cupertino company.I offer you this video featuring the application functionality SkyFire

So as you may have understood, SkyFire does not carry completely Flash technology and is the reason why it will be accepted on the App Store. Indeed, this application will convert on the fly, the flash content available on video in HTML5, future technology and universal normally supported by all (well, Apple did not put a veto against the technology that could compromise the operation of their equipment).

Unfortunately, this application will not run richer content using this technology banned by Apple games, all kinds, animations ... It also seems that some players like Hulu (online video platform) have blocked the browser , probably due to the fact that it offers a service fee for this consultation. This means that in any case users can not access their content, which is a pity in the end.
This shows that although the solutions found, it is not clear yet optimized and in the end user is still injured. There is still the solution to use the application frash, unsupported by Apple but of course that brings an almost total support of forbidden technology ...