The iPad 2 has an astounding battery that can last up to a month in standby mode. That's all while maintaining the sub-processes that happen when the iPad 2 is sleeping such as pulling in push notifications and powering the hardware to make that possible. A one-month standby battery was also introduced in the new MacBook Air because it was a great feature. Just when we thought that battery life was getting good, industries surprise us with numbers that double the battery capacity of the current iPad 2 with the next iPad.
The current iPad 2 has a battery capacity of about 6,500mAH whereas we are expecting a a capacity of about 14,000mAH in the upcoming iPad battery. It's just slightly over double what we have now. The two producers of Apple's lithium-ion batteries are Simplo Technology and Dynapack - both of which wouldn't comment on the matter.

We have heard rumor that Apple is getting ready to ship retina displays in their new iPad lineup. If this is the case then the hardware will need to be accelerated to handle that graphical power and additionally, the screen will consume more power. This battery upgrade seems to follow suit with that because it should help make the high-powered retina display iPad reach the same (or maybe better) battery life as the iPad 2 that we have currently.

With battery life being one of the largest demands for mobile devices, this seems like a viable move for Apple - but if they're looking to increase the power of the iPad's hardware then it will definitely need the power boost. Whichever way you want to look at it, it simply makes sense that Apple would step up the game in their batteries to make their already award winning devices even more enviable. We could even see these more powerful batteries getting introduced into the next generation iPhones.

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Sources Digitimes