TvShow Time helps you managing and discovering series in a beautiful and super fast way.

You like TV shows ? Then you need TvShow Time! TvST is the practical reminder that recalls you which is the last episode you saw and the air date of the next episode.
With TvST, you will no more ask yourself "What is the last episode I saw?". Now, just mark on TvST the episodes you have already seen and you will know exactly where to resume your TV shows.

You also will no more ask yourself "When is the next episode aired?". The TvST agenda is very practical. It has been designed to permit you to know in a glance if new episodes of your favorite shows are available et the air date of the next ones.
★ ★
"I strongly recommend this application that helps me a lot as a big TV show follower"

★ L'Express (TardisGirl Chronicle) ★
"An application that is one of my favorites for the TV show fan I am"

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"Thanks to this app, the Tv show fans should be filled"

★ ★
"Practical to mark episodes already seen, and to view the next diffusion dates"

★ ★
"The interface is really beautiful and practical, and the files of each show are perfect. TvShow Time is a very practical reminder"

Finally, we thought that it would be very practical to have an application that permit us to discover new series. TvST is now here to help you !

Here are a summary of TvST functionnalities:
- mark the episodes you already saw
- get your personal agenda and be notified
- read the episodes overviews, and see the trailers
- get data about your TV shows and episodes (e.g. actors list)
- find new series among the 25 000 available (thanks to!)
- share on Facebook and Twitter your opinion on an episode or a show
- and so much more!