Despite a good amount of claims from insider resources that the not too long ago leaked, metallic iPhone 5 backing will be the actual deal, many folks remain suspicious of their authenticity. Might this really be exactly what Apple's up coming iPhone 5 looks like?
A fresh Video clip concept has surfaced today that aims to exhibit us exactly what the up coming iPhone might look like.
The Video originates from Blackpool Innovative's Bryce Haymond. The designer desired to "piece together" pieces of pics and vids of leaked "iPhone 5″ parts which have been moving the web over the past month or so.

The actual renderings fall completely consistent with these elements along with other"evidence" showing an iPhone 5 by having an extended 4 inch screan, a new redesigned FaceTime camera, along with a large metallic band across their back cover.
Now, only time will inform if some of this can hold true in the final iPhone 5 design. However, we are able to safely say when it will end up appearing like this, we won't be dissatisfied.