With Apple finally announcing that next Wednesday, September 12th, will be the day we all see the brand new iPhone 5 all those market watchers and predictions are ramping up. After Apple made their announcement this morning researchers have already started predicting Apple’s sales this quarter could go way beyond previous predictions with the arrival of the iPhone 5.
Seriously was this even a question? Of course the iPhone 5 will have a massive increase on their sales and overall quarterly report — but some believe the added hype could make this one of the biggest yet. With many customers eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 and holding off on any purchases in anticipation of the new smartphone, a September launch of the new iPhone could give this quarter a massive boost with the iPhone 5 alone reaching over 10 million in sales.
Market watchers usually expect or anticipate that Apple will report sales figures between 22 million and 23 million iPhones in the quarter. But with the launch of the next iPhone this month we could potentially see sales as high as 28 million according to Apple Insider. The iPhone 5 will likely give Apple another solid quarter.