The rumor about the new Verizon iPhone or the CDMA version of version of iPhone 4 plagued the almost all blogs and tech site. As results, the entire tech world especially the iPhone jailbreak community is waiting for this.
including the iPhone Dev Team. Yes, you read it right, the iPhone Dev team is waiting for this.Apple sold more than 14 million units of iPhone last year, as reported, 20 percent of iPhone users jailbreak their beloved their beloved device and the rest of them are still looking for an iPhone unlock tool to carrier unlock the 4th-generation iPhone.Recently someone has asked to MuscleNerd about the iphone unlock and he has replied that it will arrives after Verizon iPhone launch on january 11, 2011.

Recently, an iPhone jailbreaker asked the iPhone Dev Team front man MuscleNerd regarding the status of the iPhone 4 unlock. MuscleNerd replied and confirmed that it will arrive after Verizon and Apple released the CDMA version of iPhone 4 on January 11, 2011. Check out the his conversation on Twitter: